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50, -35/+50
+/- 40

SR-II multi-purpose rehabilitation table.

Eight-segment support surface.
Height adjustment using an electric actuator with a manual remote control (using a foot pedal – optional). The tilt angle of the headrest, middle part and lower part (and separately four of its elements) of the support surface adjusted using gas springs.
Additionally, the lower part can be pivoted in the horizontal plane +/-30º (no resistance) and is locked using a friction brake in the vertical plane; two-step folding separately for each element. In standard, the headrest is provided with a pear-shaped cut.
Standard equipment: 5 stabilising cushions.
Optionally, the table can be equipped with stabilisation straps.
The upholstery can be made without the face hole or, for an additional charge, plugs for the holes can be provided. The upholstery colour can be selected.